How to Submit Assignment on Google Classroom in 2022

How to Submit Assignment on Google Classroom in 2022

The Google Classroom is a sensational platform for scholars to learn and educate others every day. Learners are regularly required to submit assignments using this platform for the teachers to track their performance.

Submitting an assignment in Google Classroom has never been as simple and convenient as it is in 2022. Learn what it takes to have best practices for navigating through this platform when handling homework and other documents on Google.

How to Submit Assignment on Google Classroom in 2022

You will learn how to successfully submit your assignment using Google Classroom on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer in this abstract. Teachers can also create and distribute assignments for students to complete. Similarly, you will learn how to add files from your Google Drive to Google Classroom.

Follow these simple steps to turn in assignment on Google Classroom:

How to turn in your Assignment?

  1. First, you will have to open the Google Classroom website in your web browser on your computer or phone.
  2. You will see a "create class" icon. Go ahead and click on it.
  3. A dashboard will open. At the top, choose "classwork."
  4. From classwork you will choose an assignment and then select "view assignment".
  5. On the far right of your dashboard, you will notice "add or create" under your work. Click on it.
  6. From here, you will have to attach a document from your drive by selecting "Google Drive" and choosing the already saved homework. You may also attach multiple documents depending on your assignment. Additionally, you can add a link to your drive or even attach a document or file from your computer or phone.
  7. You may also leave a comment for the teacher. There is a textbox on the right of the dashboard for this purpose. Once you have written your comment, you should post it by clicking the triangular "paper airplane" icon.
  8. The next thing is to click "Turn in" or "Mark as Done" for your submission to be confirmed. Once it's confirmed, be sure to change the status of your application to "Turned in."

How Do I Unsubmit Assignments in Google Classroom?

Google Classroom will allow you to unsubmit your homework where changes need to be made or just in case you wish to leave a private comment to the teacher concerning the status of the assignment.

We can unsubmit assignments to correct errors or add information that is missing. It is an efficient way to retract submitted assignments and later re-submit error-free homework to your teacher.

To perform this task, you will have to navigate to the page where you turned in your assignment. On the far right, you will have to click "unsubmit" and then confirm the same. 

Once you are done with rectifications or additions of content,  re-submit the assignment by following the steps above for submitting an assignment. 

Why the Google Classroom?

It's relatively easy to switch between agendas. For instance, converting from a class to an assignment in just a few clicks.

With Google Classroom, student tracking of progress in the gradebook is also simplified, and the incorporation of scores into the school’s information system for students is made possible.

The platform also enhances learning experiences for students by giving them the capacity to change accessibility settings so that each student can learn in a way that works for him or her.

Does Google Classroom Automatically Submit Assignments?

Students may never receive their grades if completed assignments were never submitted. Some students may be unavailable to manually submit their homework.

To resolve this, automatic submission may be prompted. Once the due date has been reached, the work-in-progress will automatically be submitted.

How do I submit a PDF document to Google Classroom?

Once you log in to the Google class, you will be able to see your list of assignments on the stream tab left of the middle page.

  • On the stream tab, choose ‘open button’. Click instructions on the page that opens to see information provided by teacher concerning the assignment.
  • Click on ‘your work’ to view your progress.
  • Now, for the PDF document you wish to upload (mostly stored in Google Drive), you will need to attach it then submit it by clicking ‘turn in’

How Do I Create an Assignment in Google Classroom?

Teachers create assignments for students to evaluate their entire learning progress. Features of the Google Classroom allow teachers to create these assignments and attach them for students to work on.

To create an assignment, you will have to sign in first to the Google Classroom, then click on Class. Once you are here, choose "create assignment" and enter all the instructions for the homework and a title. Once this is done, you will have to upload the assignment and attach relevant files for the students.

How do you make a submission in Google Classroom?

As a teacher or instructor, you will need to upload assignments on Google Classroom for your students or group. You will need to set a due date and then attach assignments to be worked on by students.

When attaching a file, you may choose the following:

  • Allow only viewing without editing.
  • Allow viewing as well as editing.
  • Make individual copies for each student.

As students work on their homework, the teacher can make notes about how they are doing. You will have to change the due date. By default, assignments are due the following day. Change that by clicking the drop-down arrow next to "due tomorrow". Choose your preferred date.


In conclusion, submitting an assignment in Google Classroom is not just convenient but also flexible in terms of attaching and uploading files for both teacher and student. Efficient collaboration between these two ensures good grades for learners and personal satisfaction for teachers.

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